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Dienstag, Juli 17, 2018

Trikot Cake as a birthday present          

Trikot Torte als Geburtstagsgeschenk



Due to the fact that my lovely colleague is an english man i will write this receipe in english.

He is a big fan of the german football club "Hannover 96" and his english club "Watford FC"

Also i saw that i have many visitors from all around the world. I hope you will like it and look over the mistakes.

Additional you will find a picture of the "confectioner", together with the cake

The Paste


i use the paste for high bisquits

for a bigger cake please take one and a half times the amount.



The Creams


Because i had not much time, i choose the simple way to make the fillings.

2 glasses of sweet cherrys

800 g cream

3 packages of pudding powder vanilla

2 packages of instant caramel cream powder

500 g powdered sugar

300 g butter

6 soup spoons hot water


How To


bake the cake as described in the receipe for high bisquits.

devide the cake horizontal into 3 parts. 

cook the cherrys (including the juice) with the pudding powder to that moment it is thicker

Mix the instant cream powder with the cream until it is a creamy consistency


Take the top cake floor to the bottom and put the cherry mixture on it.

Then put the middle part of the cake floor on it and dispers the caramel cream on it.

The bottom of the baked cake floor should be on top.


Cool the cake for 3-4 hours


create a paper template which looks like a trikot and cut it out

with help of the template, cut out the figure of the trikot out of the cake

leave the cake in the freezer for about 30 minutes

mix the buttercream like in receipe "american buttercream"

dispense the buttercream around the cake to have a smooth surface


search for the trikot of your favorit football club to have a look for how to create it


colour the fondant in the coulours you need/want and decorate your cake


enjoy your cake

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